Vale Arnold (AJ) Jaramillo

December 4th, 2014


Nababawasan ang kirot
ng sugatan kong puso
(na ligalig dahil wala ka na)
sa bawat pagpugay sa iyo,
mga mapanghilom na salita
at larawan: palatandaang
nakahimlay ka sa amin.
ngunit magkukupkop ako
ng kirot, munting gatong
sa ligalig: palatandaang
dapat pang makamtan ang
iyong makatarungang pahinga.

para kay AJ (Arnold Jaramillo)
21 nobyembre 2014

Vale Marili Fernandez-Ilagan

December 4th, 2014


Rundle Street, years ago.
We had coffee, or laksa,
Your child was on the phone
While we remembered friends.
We promised to meet again
In another city.
Maybe December.
Maybe not.
I learned today:
I will not see you again.

30 October 2014

Federation Square, days ago,
After many years,
Your friend and mine,
We had beer, and rendang
While we remembered you,
And thanked you for
Bring us together again,
For it was news of you that
Brought us news of each other.
We promised to meet again
In this city or another.
Maybe February.
Maybe later.
But we will meet,
And will have you with us,
Grateful for our friendships
That live on.

4 December 2014

Upgrade to WordPress 4.0 from WordPress 2.6.2

November 14th, 2014

Upgraded to 4.0 from 2.6.2 today. Used this as a guide. I upgraded to 2.7 first, then used the automatic upgrade (to 4.0) facility. Relatively painless. What I really need to upgrade is my blogging. I don’t do it as often as I should.


September 5th, 2012

What would I like to do? I would like to write and perform songs, in the Philippines. I would also like to work to foster Filipino nueva cancion, and cultivate international links with other nueva cancion activists. Someday.

Vale, Julian and Aaliyaha

May 22nd, 2012

Andres’ and Adie’s friends Julian, 4, and Aaliyaha, 8, were found dead this morning. Their father, Michael, 23, was also found dead in the same house in Leanyer. The Police suspect its a murder-suicide. Andres is very concerned and sad; he’s sad that Julian only lived for four years and didn’t get out much. I don’t remember Julian and Aaliyaha much, but I know they’ve visited our house, watched TV with my kids, had snacks with them, a few times. They stayed across the road, they were neighbour’s kids. Diday even chatted a bit with their father, Michael, some weeks ago. I never had a friend of mine die until I was an adult. I’m very sad for my kids, and the other neighbourhood kids who played with Julian and Aaliyaha, and for their family. I wish they had more years to play, and to grow.

What you don’t know …

May 22nd, 2012

I saw the doctor on 4th May as I’ve been feeling unfit for a while. The doctor said my blood pressure was high and that, given some symptoms I described to her, I might be diabetic. She said its “wear and tear” given my age. She asked me to check my blood pressure twice a day for two weeks and to get a blood test, and to come see her again in two weeks. Did what she said, and saw her again on 18th May. She reported the results of my blood test: my glucose was high; I have fatty liver; my kidneys are fine. So I’ll need another blood test to determine if I’m diabetic. I should take fish oil, I should eat basmati rice and other low GI foods, and I’ll go on medication to lower my blood pressure. And I should exercise. I was alright until I saw the doctor and had those tests. Now I seem to feel more tired and more unfit than I felt before learning what was wrong with me. Oh well. Have been eating brown and basmati rice. Taking my blood pressure and fish oil pills. I got myself a bicycle on 12 May (rode it once so far). I tried walking again (once). Have to keep trying to eat better and exercise more. As Diday keeps reminding me, we have young children. Will know more after my next blood test on 26 May.

26 Years since leaving for Sydney

February 6th, 2012

Its been 26 years since I left for Sydney, to cool off for a while. Half of my life, I’ve now spent living in Australia — Sydney from 1986 to 1992, and in Darwin since 1992 (except for 18 months in the Philippines in 1996-1998). I returned from a long visit to the Philippines (most of December 2011 and all of January 2012) last week. I’m back to the usual, hectic routine where I work. I was tired during that last visit. But it was good to do and make things with old friends and comrades. It was tiring but good too, fixing up the old family house. I’d like to live there again, with Diday and the kids. I’d like to live in the Philippines again. Not yet, though.

Darwin News Poems

October 13th, 2010

In August 2000, I started a newspoetry email list called “Darwin News”. It lasted until 2001. My contributions to that list are here: Darwin News Poems. I’ll post other poems from other projects, other times, other places, other lives, later.

QR Code Poem 2

March 23rd, 2010


QR Code Poem 1

March 23rd, 2010